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Cleaning highchair straps - Mummy 'must-have'


Cleaning highchair straps - Mummy 'must-have': We have decided to introduce a 'Mummy must-have' section to our blog to share our tips, cleaning short-cuts & must-have items. Being a Mummy is a busy job and if you can save 5 minutes & have time to sit down and grab a quick cup of tea, I'm all for it. 'Before'

My first tip is about high-chair straps, I wanted a traditional highchair for Oliver but was forewarned about the dreaded cream straps which do not detach. I was determined to find something that cleaned them & prove the cynics wrong, yes I really am that sad, and thankfully I did! I bought a Sainsburys own brand upholstery cleaner and have used the 1001 upholstery/carpet cleaner - both worked equally well.


I spray the straps generously, give them a bit of a scrub with my trusty micro-fibre cloth & pop the chair outside if its sunny to dry or in front of the radiator over night & yes they come-up as good as new! So if you have a highchair with discoloured straps give it a whirl & let me know how you get on.


TIP: If drying outside, this is best done straight after a breakfast or lunch so it's dry by the next meal... Michelle X