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DIY - Boys toddler bedroom


DIY - Boys toddler bedroom - A big boys toddler bedroom, with the new baby imminent I was keen to make sure Oliver had a gorgeous new bedroom ready a few months in advance to give him time to settle in. Hopefully this will avoid Oliver feeling like his room is being taken by the new baby. So I set about in true Michelle style researching the different features I was keen to incorporate. Oliver loves his books, playing with his toys and luckily sleeping. I decided to keep his favourite Navy blanket & cushions from his nursery to provide him with some continuity in the move. 20130923-201049.jpg My hubby Ben is luckily very hands on & good at DIY so I showed him a few ideas I had seen on Pinterest & asked him to think about how we could re-create. I thought you might like to see the Wish List & picture album I created before we began...

Our Wish List Colour scheme - red, white & blue Train-set to be mounted to the wall in Oliver's room (that can be easily turned on & off)

20130922-152734.jpg Toy storage - as much storage as possible but easily accessible for Oliver

20130922-152816.jpg Book corner/ library

20130922-152656.jpg Fun bed to entice Oliver from his nursery

20130922-152554.jpg Feature wall with Oliver's name in 3D letters

20130922-152835.jpg Blackout blind, to hopefully retain a dark space for naps Clothes storage/ wardrobes

Over the next few posts I will share with you the mini project that lead us to Oliver's gorgeous new bedroom.. Michelle X