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Dyson Handheld - Mummy must-have


Dyson Handheld - Mummy must-have: Im not afraid to admit I have an unhealthy love for my Dyson!Dyson handheld

My trusty Dyson handheld broke after many years of dutiful service & I ignored my own advice 'Buy cheap buy twice' & bought a cheaper alternative. I vacuumed up after breakfast & a few minutes later Oliver grabs the handheld hoover & all of the Cheerios fall back out all over the floor. Don't make the same mistake as me, buy a cheap one & not the one your REALLY want, it's a false economy!

Hubby clearly got tired of listening to me moan and treated me to a Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner & I would highly recommend investing. You will be delighted you opted for a decent handheld Vacuum, they are worth their weight in gold! Especially when you have a baby/ little one or like me a toddler & a dog! It saves you getting out your large vacuum cleaner & is on hand to stop you having a nervous breakdown. Which is why I can happily let Oliver play with messy things while I'm making dinner, my Dyson won't let me down!

'Messy Play'


'Messy Play'

Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until its gone, trust me Mummies you NEED one! The Dyson handhelds are bagless which makes it hygienic & quick to empty. The Dyson is powerful but for those stubborn areas you can use the 'maximum power' button which is amazing. It's great for the stairs as it's lightweight, powerful & also perfect for getting into those difficult to reach areas. Don't be frightened of messy play, just invest in a Dyson!

I'm currently suffering Dyson envy as my sister has the new super duper Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner If you fancy treating me hubby hint, hint, hint!!! The sexy new Dyson

If you don't already have a Dyson handheld, John Lewis have a fabulous selection on offer... Order a Dyson today!

Product Information Hosting the exceptional design and innovative features associated with Dyson appliances, the DC34 handheld vacuum ensures that you won’t have to drag out the full-size vacuum cleaner to tackle quick pick-ups and spot cleaning! The lightweight and ergonomic DC34 has a versatile dual power mode. You are provided with the choice of up to 15 minutes usage with high constant suction or 6 minutes at maximum power, for more stubborn dirt lifting. This Dyson handheld unit is powered by a digital motor: this small, light motor provides you with more efficient performance than a conventional one. Unique Root Cyclone™ technology once again distinguishes this Dyson vacuum: instead of a bag that can clog up, centrifugal forces spins dust out of the air and into the bin. No bags, no clogging, and no loss of suction. The bagless functionality also makes the DC34 hygienic and quick to empty. Dyson machines are constructed from ABS polycarbonate - the same materials use in crash helmets and riot shields. In addition, all prototypes are subjected to over 500 diverse tests to ensure that they will endure even the most demanding household tasks.

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