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Gina Ford Potty Training in a week


Gina Ford Potty Training in a week: I've been thinking about potty training for a while, although to be honest wondered if it was a bit too soon, Oliver is 26 months. We had a premature start when some friends came to stay & started talking about chocolate. I don't let Oliver have chocolate as a rule but when he kept hearing it I said you will only get chocolate if you sit on the potty & do a wee, 5 wee's later I was still in shock & 1/2 a packet of chocolate buttons down. The next day Oliver told me he needed a wee in the car but I was completely un-prepared as he had just turned 2. I had read the Gina Ford potty training in a week book & been doing the preparation steps learning wet & dry, wash our hands, practice sitting on the toilet/ potty before his bath, when he woke-up & after his nap (with successes) but with no fixed date in mind.Potty

I decided the 5 wee's was a warning & I dashed off to boots to stock up on the necessary items, which was great timing as they sent me lots of potty related money saving coupons (it's SO worth joining the boots parenting club). Although I was very keen to disassociate the success of a wee with chocolate & replace it with stickers.

A good friend of mine Cherry has had great success with her little boy Tommy, Daisy has made fabulous progress with Florence & I read a few different articles on-line one of which recommended ditching the nappies & going straight to pants. Cherry also suggested using boxers as opposed to briefs as they are less snug around the intimate areas & so less like a nappy, so I stocked up at M&S.

Our preparation toolkit: 1 Sticker reward chart Special Fireman Sam stickers (favourite for poo) Bob the builder stickers for wee wee's Lots of other stickers Books 4 potty's (one upstairs, one downstairs, one at mums & one for out and about) 2 steps 2 toilet seats 12 pairs of pants 2 small hand towels Wipes Nappy bags

When hubby decided to have a week off I figured two pairs of hands are better then one and decided we would just get on with it... Tomorrow I will share with you how we got on! Michelle x