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Goodwood Glamour


Goodwood Glamour Since we started up the Crabtree it has been hard to make time to see the family. So when we got nominated for 'Best Business Idea' we thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a day out together! 20130909-192048.jpg I am very lucky to have a wonderful BBP (Best business partner) who kindly said she would have Florence for the day- it is the first time I have entrusted Florence to anyone other than my mum for a whole day. But Florence and Oliver play so beautifully together and Michelle is such a great mummy, there was no doubt in my mind she would be perfectly fine-Florence adores her and Ben which is a bonus! So we dropped Florence off at 9.30 and head off to Goodwood to be there for 11am. When we arrived we got escorted to our box which was FULL of other landlords/landladies. We had a wonderful time eating, drinking and betting. 20130909-192138.jpg The Veuve tent was very appealing to me and Mum, you could see the race from there and is also the perfect excuse to get some champers! 20130909-192059.jpg It was so lovely seeing my Dad, Jon and my brother Hamish together, these busy boys are hard to tie down! 20130909-192109.jpg I think we broke even in the end, but what a great day-we had beautiful sunshine and got totally spoilt. 20130909-192126.jpg I loved having a day out with Mum, we do not see each other socially that much anymore because if I am going out, she is staying in with Florence! When we got back Michelle said that Florence and Oliver had a great day, I always worry but I do need to start getting used to the seperation, Florence is starting nursery (4 hours a week) so I need to toughen up... A big Thank you to Michelle for looking after my little girl, and to Ben and Angela for their support too. I am looking forward to my turn next-Daisy day care here we come!

Daisy x