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Middle Farm - Girls day out


Middle Farm - Girls day out Me and Charlotte were best friends throughout most of our school life, for no particular reason our lives took different turns and over about 10 years we didn't see each other!

20130906-143354.jpg So I was thrilled when I bumped into her in Mothercare a few weeks after she had given birth to little Sophie. It was like 10 years was a few weeks, and how great that we had babies 3 months apart! So over the last few years we have made a big effort to stay in touch, Sophie and Florence are great friends-pretty similar to us when we were that age! We wanted to do something outside because the weather was so gorgeous. I picked up Charlotte and Sophie, we decided to go to the zoo. Half way there we get stuck in traffic and poor little Sophie got car sick, so we turn round. Whilst thinking of what to do we approach Middle farm, I only know it for the cider (It is delicious), so we ask the farmer if there are any animals and laughing he said yes..... it is a farm after all! So we go to the farm shop, pay £4 to get in (a bargain compared to the zoo!) and head towards the animals. 20130831-090948.jpg Florence and Sophie loved playing peek a boo, 20130831-090956.jpg Florence said she wanted to see cows all morning-I laughed saying that was unlikely in a Zoo... it looks like she got her way after all. 20130831-091004.jpg The Pigs were a firm favourite with the girls... 20130831-091011.jpg and the horses obviously! It was only after Florence had fed and patted them that I noticed the sign saying that they might bite! oops! 20130831-091018.jpg Florence acted very cool when the little calf started eating her dress, I am not sure I would have been so calm. 20130831-091030.jpg They loved watching the animals outside, eating and running around. 20130831-091037.jpg Sophie was a little bit scared, but Florence would have got in with them given the chance... takes after her Daddy!! We had a lovely Elderflower cordial afterwards in the Farm Tea shop and bought some gorgeous bits to take home for the boys. I cannot recommend this place enough... it is only 20 minuts out of Brighton, there is something for everyone and children are free of charge under 5 years old. Visit their site Go while the sun is still shining,

Daisy x