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Mix up a mud pie


Mix up a mud pie Me and Jon were sitting in the staff room at Florence's new nursery whilst she was in a 'settling in session'. We had 1 1/2 hours to kill, so rather than driving myself crazy worrying whenever I heard a cry, I started flicking through this old school recipe book. 20130912-145835.jpg Jon liked the idea of this recipe because it involved no actually cooking, just mixing ingredients and setting in the fridge (I think he liked the way that they displayed them in digger trucks the most...).

Makes about 12 mini pies Tools... Saucepan Knife Wooden spoon Bun tin or 20cm cake tin Foil (if using cake tin) Paper cases (if using bun tin) 20130912-145610.jpg Jon gave Florence a handful of chocolate decorations, he said she needed "fuel" for cooking-She didn't argue suprisingly! Ingredients... Chocolate strands Chocolate bar 175 g butter 1tbsp cocoa powder 125g castor sugar 125g mixed dried fruit 250g broken biscuits 20130912-145555.jpg Method... Melt the butter-Job for Daddy 20130912-145618.jpg Add cocoa and sugar, Florence liked helping with this. 20130912-145625.jpg Add fruit and biscuits and mix it all up. 20130912-145636.jpg Put some paper cake cases in a bun tin and divide the mud up equally-Florence really enjoyed doing this and I was suprised at how well she did it. 20130912-145643.jpg We had a little left over so grabbed a small tin and put the rest in there, we gave up with the spoon by that point and Florence was putting handfulls in.

How to make the muddy topping... Pour some very hot water into a bowl and place another bowl on top of it. Break up the chocolate and place it in the top bowl Let the heat melt it. Once this is done, spoon the chocolate onto the top of the mud pies. 20130912-145657.jpg Then decorate as you like, we had some dolly mixtures-anything will do. 20130912-145710.jpg Place in the fridge to set. Repeat with your left over mixture 20130912-145720.jpg They turned out much better than I had expected! These would be great to entertain an exhausting toddler, and brilliant for Birthday parties. In the book they were displayed in big digger trucks so great for boys!

Have fun,

Daisy x