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A planned c-section


A planned c-section: After having a 3 day labour with Oliver, an assisted delivery & a corrective operation afterwards, this time I am having a c-section. I've been pretty confident about the decision until recently when hubby & I watched an episode of The Midwives.They showed a c-section & Ben was freaking out about being back in theatre. I explained that last time was definitely more stressful as intervention wasn't planned & highlighted that he only has to sit in theatre & I have to undergo the procedure. But I have to admit I was unnerved.


So in true Michelle style I researched c-section & found three great articles in my new pregnancy bible on c-sections 'What to expect when you're Expecting' I found a special explanation for the daddy, an article all about the procedure & one about the aftercare. I also had a chat with the midwife who has reassured me that this time it will not be as stressful as its a scheduled procedure and not a mad dash to theatre.

Daisy told me about an episode of 'The Midwives' she watched all about natural birth verse's c-section, so hubby & I found it on catch-up and I'm delighted we watched it. As much as I would love to be one of those women who had a wonderful natural experience I didn't. Oliver was in distress, I had to be closely monitored, I had to have an epidural and spinal block and assisted theatre delivery. Oliver was back to back & facing sideways so despite my efforts would not have been born without help. At the time I just wanted my baby to be born safely and have to say, although it wasn't the relaxing water birth I had planned, I don't feel traumatised by my experience. For me the issue was starting motherhood very ill and on very strong medication which I don't think is good for the baby (I was breastfeeding). My obstetrician has recommended the c-section and watching the programme has made me feel very confident that I tried my best last time but a c-section IS the right decision.

If you have any tips for aftercare, please share, they will be greatly appreciated... Michelle X