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Play dough fun


Play dough fun - With rainy days suddenly making an appearance I've decided I need to be a bit more inventive in the afternoons. Post-nap Oliver wants to do something outdoors and energetic but mummy is getting a bit tired now with only 7 weeks to go, so I'm having to think of fun things to keep him entertained. 20130919-154110.jpg We decided to give the play dough another try and I'm delighted to say that this time Oliver loved it, almost as much as mummy! We had about 30/45 minutes fun with the play dough but have to say he enjoyed the washing-up at the end just as much! I moved a chair over to the sink, rolled up his sleeves & let him help me wash-up the play dough accessories, yes the OCD cleaning is rife at the moment! Thank you Mum for the washing-up idea, the old ones are the best!

20130919-154216.jpg Daisy has a great recipe for homemade play dough if you fancy giving it a try here is the link 'homemade play dough' , I cheated and bought a large box of mixed colours & just use a couple of colours at a time. When the play dough gets too messy or crispy I just open a new one.

20130919-154340.jpg My sister kindly gave me a huge box of play dough toys so I didn't have to buy anything & as you can see we had a great time with the dinosaurs ROAAAAAR! Michelle X