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There is squash and there is BELVOIR!


There is squash and there is BELVOIR! Florence gets bored of plain water all the time so we have come to a compromise other than fresh juice! If I want to add some flavour to my water I use Belvoir- it is so delicious and refreshing and you only need a small amount. I jazz mine up with fresh mint and berries, it makes a great alternative especially when pregnant if you want a special drink! 20130829-213716.jpg BELVOIR HISTORY-Their story (I like stories) We make naturally delicious Cordials, Pressés and Fruit Crushes at our home in the gorgeous Lincolnshire countryside. Mary Manners, the wife of our founder Lord John Manners, started making cordials in her kitchen in the Seventies by infusing the elderflowers and pressing the fruit grown on the farm. Since then, Belvoir has carried on the same infusing, pressing and cooking of fresh flowers, fruits and spices, which are then blended with local spring water to make our delicious drinks. We never compromise on quality, and choose only the best ingredients. Everything that goes into our drinks is real and natural with nothing artificial at all.

Keep this in your kitchen and you will never disappoint your guests.

Daisy x