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Abeille LOVES teething aids


ABEILLE LOVES teething aids: We have decided to focus this months ABEILLE LOVES on teething. It's a poignant subject for babies,toddlers & parents alike as it can start at birth and continue through until 3 years of age. Oliver & Florence are cutting their back teeth so its at the forefront of our minds at the moment. We hope you will find our top 10 Teething aids as helpful as we did. Good luck through the teething process with your babies & toddlers!ABEILLE LOVES Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules - 24 Sachets Where possible I always like to try & use alternative medicines, these Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules where recommended by a mummy friend of mine for teething pain relief, they soothe and calm. Oliver LOVED these so I was very happy using them in the first instance. Michelle X 20130929-122305.jpg

Bickiepegs Teething biscuits - use from age 6mths I found these biscuits in boots & found them very helpful to give Oliver something to help cut his teeth. Bickiepegs Teething Biscuits is a natural way to ease teething pain and exercise the jaw. Bickiepegs are kosher and are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. NO added sugar, sweetener, artificial colourings or flavourings. Michelle X 20130929-122226.jpg

Amber anklet I was worried about Oliver wearing a necklace, so I bought a large bracelet & popped it around his ankle, I do really think it helped. Here's the information I found useful about the natural properties of amber. From the documentation of scientific studies, genuine Baltic amber contains unique medicinal properties as the result of it's primary ingredient - succinic acid. More to the point, succinic acid is also found in our own bodies as an agent which supports the functionality of our immune system. So it makes sense that Baltic Amber is reinforcing our body's defences in alleviating teething pain. Michelle X 20130929-213807.jpg

Bonjela Teething Gel Effective, soothing relief from teething pain. It's always handy to keep a tube of Bonjela Teething Gel in your baby bag, it's surprising how quickly you can get through the teething sachets, this will provide instant relief & last you for ages, don't get caught short. Michelle X 20130929-213934.jpg

Teether toys stored in the fridge I found that Oliver seemed to get the most relief from gnawing on something cold or icy. I bought a selection of AVENT teether toys & they are still being used now at 2 & 3 months. Although please read the packaging before cleaning as some of then are not suitable for sterilising - silly Mumma! Michelle X 20130929-213401.jpg

Sophie le Giraffe After much debating with my husband whether or not it was worth buying a Sophie, (we had about 30 teethers already) I was out shopping and Florence was dribbling all over the show-so I bought her one. Fad or no fad, mum gave me one when I was a baby, classics that are still being used and are doing something right! But whatever you do... Don't put it in the steriliser, the squeak went. Daisy x 20130928-070316.jpg

Ice lollies I bought a kit from the Annabel Karmel range so that I could purée whatever mixture of fruit I had and freeze. When Florence was suffering with swollen gums it would give her instant relief & we still use them now. Florence especially likes strawberry! Daisy x 20130928-070356.jpg

Nuby bug teether ring Florence was given this as a gift. It was light, easy to hold, and there were lots of nobbly bits for her to get her new teeth into. Daisy X 20130928-070237.jpg

Frozen banana sticks I got this great tip from one of my lovely mummy friends! It's so easy and Florence loved them. You literally slice a banana into four and put a stick in the end of it and put it in the freezer. Bananas are great for babies because they just turn to mush when de-frosting. Daisy X 20130928-070202.jpg

Calpol & Ibuprofen When all else failed I turned to medicine. As much as I would try all other remedies first I just could not see Florence suffering when I knew there was something I could do to ease the pain. I am lucky that I rarely needed to do this but a great tip given to me was to use Calpol and ibuprofen in intervals to spread out the easing of pain. You can take these medicines together but instead of taking them all at once you alternate every two hours as and when needed so that you don't have a long gap where you can't take anything. PLEASE NOTE: Always consult your GP & follow instructions on the bottle for dosage. It changes quite dramatically with months-years. Daisy x 20130928-070110.jpg

ABEILLE will only ever recommend an item or service if it has been tried, tested and ultimately ‘LOVED’ by Michelle, Oliver, Daisy, Florence or one of our trusted ABEILLE panel of mummies X