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DIY Slide Bed


DIY Slide Bed: Oliver's new bedroom needs to double up as a playroom so that he has plenty to keep him entertained when I am busy upstairs with the new baby. We decided to utilise the room space by buying a slide bed, Weeeeeee....20131006-212802.jpg Luckily my nephew was having his room redecorated and we were able to buy his slide bed and my wonderful mother in-law Irene was only too delighted to make-over the curtains that hang underneath to make a den. 20131006-212900.jpg I was initially very worried about Oliver sleeping on the slide bed and although the room was ready for 1st September it took me an entire month and a few pep talks from the family to be convinced that my baby boy was ready for his new room. Yes I am in denial that Oliver is becoming a big boy, I think I would still swaddle him if I could... 20131006-213101.jpg Bed The slide bed already came with curtains so we bought an extra duvet cover to use as the den curtain material (great idea from my sister in-law, especially as it was only £15) to match the sheets and Irene worked her magic to cover a bolster cushion we bought from IKEA and the existing curtains for the den. Slide bed - bought from sister in-law ( and I've seen loads on local children selling sites) Sheets Duvet covers Duvet cover for extra material to cover pillow/ make curtains Mattress

Mattress - just a word of warning if you do buy a slide bed, buy a 'thin' child's mattress, I was so adamant that Oliver needed a good quality mattress that I ended up buying a very deep one on-line that was a bit like princess and the pea, so we had to return it. We still spent the same money on the thinner one, which is much more suitable for Oliver and safe for the slide. 20131006-212824.jpg I did pop the bed guard on top of the bed and use the bolster cushion to block the stairs, although Oliver is confident navigating his way around and we have had no issues with him sliding down to come into our bed, which I admit was an initial concern after all of the rapid return. In fact Oliver was coughing so much he was sick the other night, we invited him into our bed & he said no thanks! Talk about independence... Michelle x