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DIY Storage and Wardrobes


DIY Storage and Wardrobes: We found some great wardrobes, drawer units and storage units in IKEA they do really have something to fit every space! We wanted to tidy away Oliver's clothes and toys as much as possible and use underneath his bed to store his toys and make a special den.20131007-150154.jpg Storage - We really wanted Oliver to have access to his toys at all times & found these great storage units in IKEA. But they where 'just' too high when we got them home, luckily my ingenious hubby just raised the slat's on either side using two length's of wood. Giving us the tiny bit of extra room we needed to slide them underneath, amazing! 20131007-150519.jpg Oliver is confident pulling out the storage boxes (we only placed them on the bottom shelves so he has room to look in) and he happily plays in his Den. Although I do hear countless times in the day, 'Mumma, come in....' Yes me & my bump squeeze underneath too, it's great fun! 20131007-150305.jpg Shelving unit Boxes 20131007-150437.jpg Wardrobes/ Drawers: We bought a combination drawer unit and wardrobe with an extra set of drawers for additional storage. I'm sure at the rate Oliver grows we will need to adjust the railing and possibly buy another wardrobe, but at least we have the option to do this buying furniture that comes in a variety of combinations. 20131007-150354.jpg The wardrobes where a bit wobbly as we couldn't fit them to the side of the wall ( window & radiator in the way), but luckily super hubby had a great idea of using the left over shelving from the train set to pop in between the wall and the wardrobe to provide additional support and store Oliver's favourite trains. 20131007-150031.jpg Wardrobe Drawers

TIP: I highly recommend the click and collect service and pre-planning of what you buy if you want to save your sanity and your marriage. We ended up visiting IKEA 3 times in 2 days and very nearly having a nervous breakdown!

I'm really pleased with the room & happy that despite 3 trips to IKEA the room is now actually finished! If you have any other question about the room or content, please just ask...Michelle X