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Flossie's product love


Flossie's product love What girl dosen't get excited receiving a present through the post. Every single time we get a delivery Florence and I still get as excited as if it was the first time it had ever happened. 20131019-101721.jpg Our good friends at Weleda are always sending us products to try and this one imparticular I was keen to crack open. Florence's skin starts to get sensitive around Autumn/Winter. Her skin as a whole is perfect but she gets the odd dry patch now and again. I am pretty confident that this product is going to make all the difference- Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream 20131019-101740.jpg Windy city Even if you live in the city and are not out and about in the open countryside on a regular basis, urban pollution and grime combined with cold biting winds and frosts all take their toll on our skin. Imagine being a baby in a buggy, down at street curb level, with diesel fumes and traffic swishing through filthy puddles, and add in a fine drizzle of rain from our polluted skies – and we’re sure you’ll agree it’s never been more important to weather proof our children’s skin. Weleda’s newly reformulated Calendula Weather Protection Cream (rrp £7.95 30ml) protects little cheeks on cold rainy days, and from drying winds on blustery walks or sledging in the snow. This soothing cream is suitable for all the family, and can be used on hands, chapped lips, on sore noses when your children have the snuffles, or for protecting the skin around the mouth and chin when babies are teething. The neat 30ml tube is easily stowed in a handbag, knapsack or changing bag when you’re out and about. This weather balm has the lightness of a gel, and absorbs fast leaving a fine protective film on the skin but still allowing the skin to breath healthily. It’s also a secret beauty weapon with many mums, who use it to protect their own skin from the elements, and an indispensable ‘tool of the trade’ of many beauty professionals who mix with cream with eye shadows and lip stains to achieve a long-lasting dewy look for parties. Hannah Maxwell is make-up artist for stars of film, television and music videos, and relies on this great little multi-tasker:

Because this is a product suitable for both me and Florence, we sit down in front of the mirror and start applying. It is very light, and the smell just feels like you are putting pure goodness into your skin-In fact you are! I would say one tube will last the winter so give it a go! For anyone thinking of a gift for a new baby, this would be ideal.


Daisy x