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Nursery-It is time


Nursery - It is time Is there ever a right time to put your trust in a stranger to look after your most treasured possession in the world? I don't think so! After trawling around Brighton and Hove, in and out of all the nurseries, we finally found one that fit the bill. At £32 for half a day it should. My criteria- Clean Enthusiastic staff Food freshly prepared on site Secure building (high on my list) Florence likes it. The most important thing was that Florence had fun, I'm not too worried about a curriculum at this point (although they do follow one). 20131005-234212.jpg We were very lucky that the nursery could accommodate us with such short might have something to do with the fact I was only putting her in one morning a week! Baby steps-for me. After 5 'settling in sessions' which consist of 1.5 hours a time, Florence is ready for her first day. I think I am more scared than her-my heart was practically jumping out of my chest when I dropped her off. I got a phone call half an hour later to say she was absolutely fine and they had just been playing buses! I was so excited to see her by 1 o'clock (I might have got there a little early). She was crying, but I think that was out of pure exhaustion because her nap is usually 11-12. To help her with this I am going start putting her to bed a bit later so that she can cope a little longer at nursery. This has been such a big thing for me to do, I was not obligated to return to work so my decision was purely for the benefit of Florence. I am really pleased that we did our research, the nursery is excellent and really suits Florence. There is a beautiful huge garden, lots of learning facilities and the staff are wonderful.

Daisy x