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Posh cheese on toast


Posh cheese on toast: I love quick and easy lunches that are delicious, goats cheese & cranberry are the perfect combination for posh cheese toast. It's the perfect lunch that your friends will love! 20130929-121147.jpg Ingredients Fresh bread generously sliced Cranberry sauce or jelly Goats cheese (I used soft Goats Cheese as I'm pregnant but the firmer type with a rind is superb) Olive oil Salt & pepper to garnish Rocket/salad garnish

20130929-112302.jpg Method Lightly toast the sliced bread in the toaster whilst you heat the grill Spoon a few generous teaspoons of the cranberry on to the toast

20130929-112252.jpg Spoon on a generous layer of the goats cheese Drizzle the goats cheese with olive oil

20130929-112317.jpg Season & place under the grill for approximately 3-5 minutes or until the cheese & cranberry is hot & bubbling

20130929-112327.jpg Remove from the grill & either garnish with a handful of rocket on top (tossed in a little olive oil & black pepper), or improvise with whatever salad you have in the fridge, Enjoy! Michelle X