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Pregnancy insomnia


Pregnancy insomnia - Pregnancy insomnia, so you think that just before your baby arrives you will be able to bank the sleep & get some well needed rest.... Well you are Wrong! Ok well perhaps not everyone, you lucky things... But for me the pregnancy insomnia has certainly started.

20131011-083421.jpg Im delighted baby White No.2 is happy & healthy & pleased to say we have a very active gymnast in the making if the 4am break dancing routine is anything to go by. I think we can safely say that we will have an 11pm & 4am feed time & then again at around 7am, although Mumma is struggling to get back to sleep at 4.

Poor hubby is very supportive & although exhausted as the mental wife is wandering around the house in the early hours, Ben has been a true gem & takes Oliver down for breakfast & gives me a cheeky hour (after some tea & toast in bed) to get a bit more sleep. It's frustrating as you know you will be exhausted when the baby arrives but I also try & look on it as a pre-training exercise or the night feeds. At least when the baby is born I won't have heartburn, cramp & a tummy the size of a beach ball... I WILL be able to get back to sleep....

I read this great article on What to expect when you're expecting which gives you great tips for pregnancy insomnia. I also trying to make the most of Oliver's day time sleep & having a cheeky nap in the afternoon where I can. I try... once a week to have a really early night & go to bed when Oliver does, giving hubby some time to watch his favourite programmes without having to rub my back or be disturbed by me going to the loo every 5 minutes. I still turn into the she devil if I'm not in bed by 10, so do keep an eye on the clock as its not nice for your head to spin before bed. The good news is that I have found my hormonal outburst are significantly better if I get an early night at least once a week... Michelle X