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Preparation for brotherhood


Preparation for brotherhood: We are very excited about the pregnancy but I'm not afraid to admit I'm worried about Oliver getting jealous. Oliver has been the centre of our universe for over two years & suddenly we are going to have another baby who will also need lots of attention.
20131011-084219.jpg I've been keen to involve Oliver in the pregnancy & he certainly seems very excited about being a big brother. We are emphasising how important he will be helping mummy & have made sure his new bedroom is much more of a play room so that he can hopefully keep him entertained within good view of the nursery when I'm feeding. We found some great books, this is a particular favourite..

'I'm a New Big Brother' A Pirate Pete Book (BOARD BOOK) Amanda Li - Toddlers

Part of Ladybird's successful Pirate Pete range, I'm a New Big Brother has been expertly designed to introduce toddlers to the idea of becoming a big brother to a newborn baby. Told with a simple story that shows the excitement and joy that a new baby in the family brings, and illustrated with charming and loveable characters, toddlers will be able to understand what is involved in becoming an older sibling when sharing this book with mum or dad. A wonderful adventure for a little one to undergo, this reassuring board book features a baby giggle sound button to get very young children really excited about soon having a new brother or sister!

We have been talking about the new baby, letting Oliver play with all of the babies things, even though that means he plays with his cars in the pristine carrycot. We are encouraging Oliver to play with his baby doll in the moses basket & swing chair, although he has taken to sitting on his dolly in the chair, we are hoping he won't do the same with his new sibling! Nanna also bought him a pretend babies bottle that fills up with milk & he loves feeding him. Oliver knows his special job is to collect the baby from hospital & loves telling everyone!

We've also started to get him prepared for me not being able to pick him up, as I will be having a c-section, which I have to admit is very difficult but we make up for the lack of carrying with lots of extra cuddles. If you have an tips you would like to share with me to help Oliver feel more settled I'd love to hear them... Michelle X