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Roast chicken gravy


Roast chicken gravy: The gravy really is as important as the chicken, delicious gravy will transform your dinner. If you save the stock you have cooked the chicken in, you really only need a few ingredients to thicken & perfect. I always make a double batch & freeze 1/2 so that a roasted chicken breast can be transformed in to a mid-week roast dinner 20131019-054538.jpg Ingredients Chicken stock from your cooked roast chicken 'Perfect Roast Chicken' Liquid chicken stock 1 litre boiling water Chicken gravy bisto

20131019-054520.jpg Method When the juices have separated spoon the fat from the top

20131019-054409.jpg TIP: Either add the fat to your roast potatoes or discard Drop the juices into a saucepan & heat

20131019-054454.jpg Bring to the boil & reduce by 1/2 to intensify the flavour Meanwhile boil the kettle Make 1 litre of chicken stick using liquid chicken stock Add to the reduced juices, bring to the boil & gently simmer

20131019-054252.jpg Add a few tablespoons of chicken gravy bisto to thicken Increase the heat & whisk until all dissolved Stir & repeat until you have the desired consistency Pass the gravy through a sieve to catch the bay & peppercorns before serving

TIP: If you don't have time to refrigerate the juices, pop ice cubes into the jug when still hot & the fat will stick to the ice cubes & you can simply remove them with a slotted spoon. Repeat until all of the fat is removed from the jug

You can use this gravy for my roast chicken pie, recipe to follow! Michelle X