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Teething continued


Teething continued Revenge of the molars

This week has been incredibly testing, Florence has got her back 4 teeth coming through. The pointy bits are showing and boy I'm hearing about the flat bits!! She is generally ok during the day-although a little angrier than usual, our kitten Tooie is being told off all the time, I will be doing my teeth upstairs and hear Florence shouting "Tooie! Get down! You are a naughty little girl!" So with the days being OK the nights are a completely different matter... Bedtime routine as normal.. Bath at 6.15, teeth, bedtime story at 7.00, asleep with milk by 7.30. What is not normal in the routine is her crying an hour later then every hour after that until about 3.30 when she wants to chat for a couple of hours!!! Pass me the matchsticks please, my eye lids need holding up. The memories of a 4 month old Florence have come flooding back to me, but as I did then I am going to make this torturous process as pain free as possible for her. I found this diagram really helpful- when you have a few teeth coming through it is SO easy to lose track, it's a great reference guide.

20131016-075902.jpg Remember to check out Abeille LOVES teething aids For all our top rescue remedies for your teething baby or toddler. We will get there in the end, if anyone has any other tips please share! Daisy x