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Toddler Flu vaccination


Toddler Flu vaccination: A few of my mummy friends where discussing a letter they had received from the doctors inviting their toddler for a Flu vaccination, I hadn't heard anything about it. Apparently it is a nasal spray as opposed to an injection & being offered to all children between the ages of 2 & 3. As Oliver seems to suffer with chest infections I was keen to understand if he was eligible & called our doctors when I arrived home. 20131018-202416.jpg I was pleased to hear ALL children where entitled to the vaccination & promptly booked Oliver in. I did ask hubby to come along as I was apprehensive about Oliver having the nasal spray but as it transpired I could only get a late morning appointment (So no hubby). Luckily my good friend Cherry reassured me that her little boy Tommy had the nasal spray with no issue or side effects & I was less worried about hubby coming with me. Oliver loves going to the doctors, probably because we use the lift to go to visit the midwife, but I was anxious that a bad experience would put him off.

On the morning of the vaccination I explained to Oliver that we where off to the doctors to have some medicine (I was also having a flu & whopping cough injection). I did let Oliver bring along his special baby, a toy that is usually only allowed at bedtime, and off we went. When we were called in by the nurse I asked her to first of all give baby his medicine, then Mumma (pretending of course) and then it was Oliver's turn. I have to say he was quite happy just to sit & have the nasal spray, the only reaction was a giggle. I did reward him with a little biscuit & he happily sat & watched me have my injections before we set off, it was surprisingly very stress-free!

If you have a little one between the age of 2 & 3 and have not been invited for the vaccination, don't be shy about contacting your doctor. To find out more about the vaccination click on this NHS link. Michelle X