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A C-section, So far so good


A C-section, So far so good: I'm not afraid to admit I wasn't nervous at all about the c-section until the pre-op on the Friday before the procedure and then it suddenly hit me that it's quite a major operation & the nerves set in. After having a long & difficult labour and birth with Oliver I was confident it was the right thing to do but I was apprehensive of the procedure & the lengthy recovery.20131128-210421.jpg When we arrived at the hospital there where no delays, we had a chat with the midwives, received our gowns & we walked to theatre at around 9.00am. There was music playing in the background the staff where friendly & I was asked to hop up onto the bed to have the drip put in. I shut my eyes bracing for the pain but barely felt it, then I was warned of the cold spray on my back & the spinal block was administered, it wasn't half as bad as I expected. Quickly I was laid down as I started to feel numb, the theatre staff where friendly & reassuring as they tested I had no feeling & erected the screen.

I did have an adverse reaction to the spinal block, feeling very nauseas but the anaesthetist quickly discovered it was a tiny drop in blood pressure that was causing the reaction & gave me some medication to help. I did feel pressure during the procedure but at no time any discomfort. We where just discussing how I'd like Ben to tell me what sex the baby was when the midwife said, he won't have to, you can look yourself & I looked up to see a girl baby. Charlotte Elizabeth White arrived into the world at 9.44am. 20131128-210445.jpg Ben & I sobbed with happiness, before laughing as we hadn't actually looked at her face! It took a little while afterwards to finish the operation & I had a little skin on skin with Charlotte but Ben held her for the majority of the time as I was still feeling quite nauseas. My medication was adjusted again & the symptoms quickly subsided. Post-op I was enjoying tea & toast within the hour & the sensation started to return to my legs. I had Charlotte laying on me skin on skin & it was a wonderful calm hour with hubby & a few lovely midwives just cuddling my gorgeous baby girl whilst Ben called family & friends to share our exciting news.

I was moved onto an empty ward & within a few hours Oliver was in meeting his baby sister. He was very excited but very gentle, it was a very special moment watching him welcome her with a shower of kisses, thankfully a wonderful reaction. 20131128-210519.jpg The midwives had me out of bed before 6am the next morning & despite the horror stories I had heard there was no actual pain just a bit of discomfort. I was discharged on the Wednesday (op was Monday morning). When I arrived home the midwife did discover the start of an infection in the wound when the dressing came off but I'm glad to say we had antibiotics by the afternoon & decided to stay in bed for two days to be uber cautious & a few days later I was feeling much more comfortable.

I did keep up to date with the medication and feel like the recovery has progressed well. I'm desperate to pick Oliver up, run the Hoover around & drive but despite my impatience I have been resting, not lifted anything heavy & had a tremendous amount of help from my wonderful hubby & Mummy - Thank you SO much, I know I'm the worst patient! Michelle X