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ABEILLE LOVES Toddler Christmas gift special for £10 or less


ABEILLE LOVES Toddler Christmas gift special for £10 or less. Find the perfect gift for a special toddler without breaking the bank. It can be challenging searching for the perfect gift for a child who has everything, so we decided to stick to £10 budget and found some great toys for our Christmas lists. ABEILLE LOVES Toddler Christmas gift special for £10 or less, Enjoy!ABEILLE LOVES Fireman Sam Jupiter Fire Engine Oliver is obsessed with all things Fireman Sam, I bought him this Fire Engine and he as had hours of enjoyment, the simple things! Jupiter is the pride of the Pontypandy fire service, and has always been a hard-working and reliable fire engine. Extend the ladder to rescue people in high places, then drive it around on its free-rolling wheels. Suitable for aged 3 + Michelle X 20131029-162715.jpg Fireman Sam Jupiter Fire Engine

LeapFrog Lettersaurus This toy as been recommended by my friend Cherry who's son Tommy knows his ABC and says toy has really helped to help him learn whilst having fun. Oliver loves dinosaurs & hopefully he will enjoy learning too... Each press of the 26 colourful letter buttons on his back rewards children with a familiar tune, and pressing his head lets them sing along to the Alphabet Song. Roar, sing and learn letters with Lettersaurus the dinosaur pal that helps little learners explore letter names, letter sounds, colours and music. Suitable 12-36 months, Michelle X 20131029-162758.jpg LeapFrog Lettersaurus

LEGO DUPLO Number Train Oliver loves his building blocks but they aren't very stable, a play in the LEGO store in Brighton with the Duplo was great as it gave us the opportunity to test out the robust structure of the bricks. I'm often building car parks & fire stations. This is a fun starter pack & I love the numbers too. Hop aboard the Lego Duplo Number Train where learning to count has never been so much fun! With numbered bricks and 3 wagons, young builders will learn maths skills while creating and constructing their own toddler-friendly train! Suitable for age 2 + Michelle X 20131029-162816.jpg LEGO DUPLO Number Train

Dickie Toys Police Motorbike I bought this bike for Oliver at least 6 months ago & it's still one of his very favourite toys, it comes everywhere in his rucksack & has given him hours of enjoyment, highly recommended! A 15cm long silver police motorbike with an officer riding it with a helmet. Completed with flashing lights and friction-pull back function. Suitable for age 3 years + Michelle X 20131029-162737.jpg Dickie Toys Police Motorbike

Bosch Lamp Such a simple gift but so much fun for imaginary play, we love nothing better then making a camp out of a chair & a blanket, we bring the torch in & always giggle lots. Oliver currently only has a small wind up torch but this is certainly going on his Christmas list, as it will also make our frequent power cut's more exciting. This battery powered Bosch lamp looks just like a lamp from a grown-up tool box. The lamp light can be set to shine four different colours (yellow, blue, green and red) by turning a dial, and the torch head can be angled up and turned 90° to shine the light in whichever direction you choose. The light can also be set to a permanent beam or to flashing. Suitable for age 3 + Michelle X20131029-162929.jpg Bosch Lamp

Plasticine tub Florence absolutely loves plasticine. She plays with it every day. Her love of making things started with play dough but I found it a bit messy and a bit annoying when it dried up and having to replace it all the time. So I bought her a big tub of plasticine which even though started off as lots of different colours and is now a brownish purple we still manage to make snails look like snails and caterpillars look like caterpillars. Daisy x 20131031-074906.jpg Plasticine tub

Bristol Blocks-stickle bricks Who can remember playing with these as a child? I spotted them whilst out shopping with Michelle and thought I would see if I could get them cheaper online-and here they are for half the price! A perfect gift for a little friend, I am actually going to get these for Florence as par of her Christmas present. Bristle Blocks are fun, easy to join together and you can use your imagination to create your own design or reproduce the examples on the box. The different sizes and special pieces are designed to stimulate creativity. This set comes with 85 pieces and comes in a reusable storage case. Daisy X 20131031-074637.jpg Bristol Blocks-stickle bricks

Mini animal tubs I have already bought a few different tubs like these. I find now we are on the go more often it's better to take a handful of these toys rather than big heavy stuff. Your little one can set up and create their own farm with this cute collection of farm animals.With a mix of assorted farmyard animals, this collection of mini models is great for imaginative play, and can be combined with your child's other toys for endless fun. Daisy X 20131031-074625.jpg Mini animal tubs

Happy land from the ELC I have been buying Florence Happy land figures since she has been old enough. What I like about them is that there are no little bits that attach or fall off, they are nice solid toys for your little one to play with! It's a sunny day in HappyLand and the people are enjoying going out for a drive and taking the horse out for a run. Help the horse practice showjumping, zoom around in the speedy car and even try to race them against each other. Great for imaginative play, your little one will have lots of fun giving the HappyLand characters their own voices and personalities while making them run around. Playing together encourages your child to start talking and trying new words, and moving the chunky, easy to grip pieces around helps strengthen little fingers. Daisy X 20131031-074547.jpg Happy land from the ELC

Match and Count Counting has become a daily exercise for Florence and I. Weather it is counting up the steps or counting the carrots for dinner, it has become a habit. Florence got given this puzzle like set from a family friend and it's great, you match the numbers to the pictures and as a result she is now aware of numbers visually as well as counting in order. Daisy X 20131031-074533.jpg Match and Count

We will only ever recommend an item or service if it has been tried, tested and ultimately ‘LOVED’ by Michelle, Oliver, Daisy, Florence or one of our trusted ABEILLE panel of mummies X