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Dancing in the Storm


Dancing in the Storm We had a very exciting time in Brighton last weekend. St.Jude's storm created quite a spectacle on the seafront. Making sure not to get too close to the waters edge, we couldn't resist heading down to take a look. 20131028-113732.jpg It makes you feel so incredibly alive when you walk along, one way being gently pushed, feeling a speed in your casual walk which is slightly unnatural, and then back against the wind which almost feels bouncy. 20131028-113809.jpg We met up with my sister in law Karina, her husband Mark, and her two children Ruben and Kitty. Florence absolutely adores Ruben. I think she will look up to him forever, everything he does-she does. 20131028-113833.jpg Karina and I both agreed that everyone should come down to the seafront when it is like this, you feel so great with the air being sucked into your lungs weather you like it or not. We stopped off at our favourite cafe/restaurant Morocco's. They serve the best ice cream in Brighton, we always pop in there after a long walk. 20131028-113821.jpg I am pleased that we are still making an effort to go down to the seafront after the summer has ended. Such a lovely family thing to do, costs nothing and wipes out a hyper child!! 20131028-113745.jpg Needless to say Florence slept for two hours when we got home, considering she is a 40 minute napper this was a great treat for us!

Daisy x