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Florence visits Gorron the grey


Florence visits Gorron the grey It is a beautiful crisp sunny morning and Florence woke up with one thing on her mind... Gorron. The night before I had told her that we would be seeing her God mother Becky and going up to the stables to see her horse Gorron. About a month ago we went to see Becky in a dressage competition and since then Florence has been asking to visit him daily. Today her wish has come true and before I know it I am watching Gorrons biggest fans marching down the dirt track to see him. 20131124-084629.jpg On the way through Florence is overwhelmed by the amount of horses that are around her and insists on saying hello to all of them - especially these cute ponies. 20131124-084604.jpg She shared Gorrons special carrot with Birdie who was getting a good clean by the stables. 20131124-084618.jpg We bumped into some Geese, which after laughing at Bec about her fear of them quickly joined her after they started moving very quickly towards me! 20131124-084704.jpg And here he is... Gorron the grey. The love of both these girls lives. Florence was very proud telling everyone that passed that this was 'Gorron'. 20131124-084718.jpg I love spending time in the countryside with my girl, it takes you away from the fast life of town, and all the gadgets of home. 20131124-084730.jpg There was no fear from Florence with Gorron, she couldn't stop kissing him, she has obviously seen Bec do it many times before! 20131124-084753.jpg At the end of our visit Bec popped Florence up for a little sit/ride. She had been begging all day and as soon as she got on wrapped her arms round his neck and gave him a big kiss. As soon as she can ride we will be booking in lessons! 20131124-084803.jpg We managed to get her down after a short while and Gorron was so good, such a lovely nature from such a strong beautiful horse. So many people have a fear of horses, I am glad that Florence has ben lucky enough to have first hand experience at such a young age. 20131124-084814.jpg

Thank You Becky and Gorron for such a wonderful day at the yard, expect us up again soon,

Daisy x