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Leaf Monsters


Leaf Monsters With the days getting colder and wetter I have been looking for things to do to entertain Florence indoors! This is a great outdoor/indoor activity combined, and really easy and inexpensive to do. 20131101-082708.jpg So we head out with rain jackets on, in search of some leaves for this activity, preferably about 3 or 4 in different sizes. 20131101-082722.jpg Florence loved just being outside and to make it more exciting we did 'The Bear hunt' along the way. 20131101-082735.jpg When we arrived home there were only a few things I had to get together whilst the leaves were drying. A variety of colours of finger paints. A black pen 4 sheets of paper 4 leaves 20131101-082751.jpg Apron on, I opened up the paints and let Florence do her thing! I have come to terms not to get to involved, my inner artist has to step back and let it be! 20131101-082805.jpg Once Florence applied the paint to the leaf, I helped her press it down onto the paper. 20131101-082821.jpg Once we had done this with all the leaves, we put the paper and leaves aside to dry. 20131101-082833.jpg We put faces on the leaves as well as the prints, not exactly a work of art but Florence had a great time, and so did I helping her. 20131101-082846.jpg It is the small things that are sometimes the best,

Daisy x