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Little Bud Maternity


Little Bud Maternity: More entrepreneurs are showing they can run a successful company and have a family. Here's a look at our first mummypreneur ABEILLE Editorial, starting today with an interview from 'Little Bud Maternity' owner Nina Montalto Duffy, tomorrow sharing a selection of Little Bud's beautiful Maternity wear (pictures taken by the fabulous Alan Wright Photography) and on Sunday revealing a very exciting competition, So stay tuned! 20131031-203001.jpg Little Bud Maternity High Street Cuckfield RH17 5JU 01444 414435

Introducing, Nina Montalto Duffy

20131031-203010.jpg After a career in retail and consumer marketing working for well known brands such as Marks & Spencer, Matches, Harrods, & Krispy Kreme to name a few Nina Montalto Duffy opened Little Bud Maternity in 2012 in Cuckfield in West Sussex. The maternity & baby boutique specialises in stylish & comfortable Maternity & Nursing wear, which is often very difficult to find on the high street.

Eighteen months on the Nina has developed her own label “Bud” for Mama’s-To-Be these products are now selling on-line at and Nina is also a busy Mummy with a 5 year old, a 7 year old and a new baby due in the New Year. She speaks to us about Little Bud Maternity and balancing a growing business with a growing family.

How were you inspired to start your business: The dream to create Little Bud was born when I was pregnant with my two children. I found it difficult to find really comfortable and stylish maternity wear and I found it even harder to find really practical nursing wear that still allowed me to look and feel like “me”! I set to finding lovely brands clothing, accessories, gifts and goodies that would suit today’s Mummy-to-be and then just to add to the excitement I thought it would be fun to add some beautiful babywear, childrenswear, toys and nursery accessories to the mix.

At Little Bud we think pregnancy is such a special time we want every woman to be able to enjoy this unique experience and we want to do so in a thoughtful and ethical way. Our products are sourced from responsible manufacturers and where possible many of our clothing ranges are organic. With new babies arriving we know it’s important to look after the planet we’re passing on to them.

Do you have any tips for juggling your home & work life: I’m very lucky to have a very supportive family which helps a great deal! I think having a good support network helps enormously. I also think its important to prioritise. At the moment I always make sure the children come first in all the decisions I make, but I know as they get older I’ll be able to shift my focus a little. I also try to remember to laugh when it all goes wrong (which it inevitably does sometimes!). Everything is easier to deal with when you’re laughing – particularly small children!

The person who has influenced you the most: I’ve been really luck to work with some amazing women throughout my career – Martha Stewart, Yasmin Yusef, Anya Hindmarch to name a few. They all had families as well as amazing careers & businesses. They were all amazingly focussed, I learnt from them that presentation and planning is everything. They also knew how to delegate – you can’t do everything yourself. I always try to remember this at home and at work.

The piece of wisdom you would pass on to your children: Always do what you love – that way you’ll always be good at what you do and you’ll be happy at the same time. Happiness is the key to succeeding in life in my opinion.

The unending quest that drives you on: I strive to make my family proud – my children, my husband and my parents.

How did you choose your babies names and why? We’ve always chosen names that reflect our backgrounds, so we’ve used names that have previously been used in our families or that reflect our nationalities (my children are an unusual mix of Italian, Scandinavian, & Irish). We’ve always tried to choose names that we feel will grow with the children so they will still suit them at 99 as much as they did at 9 days.

Did you have food cravings when pregnant? If so anything unusual? Luckily I always go off junk food, desserts and sweets when I’m pregnant and crave fruit instead. I have been known to eat spoonfuls of Marmite in first trimester which is probably slightly unusual!

What advice would you give other women about pregnancy? Don’t listen to the scare stories! Also don’t wish it away, at the time you can often be looking forward to your next scan or the next appointment when you’ll hear that precious heartbeat, but don’t forget to enjoy the everyday stuff. I also recommend finding a good antenatal yoga class – it really helps with those aches and pains and I think it helped prepare me for the birth too.

Write something that has recently made you laugh that your children have done recently. My children make me laugh all the time. At the moment they’re very excited about their new sibling who will be joining us in the new year. We try to find a little bit of time every morning to snuggle in bed and feel the new baby kicking. Its our special time before the craziness of day gets started. Its utter bliss, particularly for me!

When it is raining what do you do to keep your children entertained? My kids LOVE the outdoors and love jumping in puddles so we’d be very likely to grab wellies and head out in it! But if we’ve have enough of outdoors we love baking – we’re quite a foodie family and everyone loves cooking. I think its vital to get the children involved in making meals from a really early age, it helps them to develop a healthy relationship with food for the future.

Take a look at Little Bud Maternity website:

Tomorrow we will be sharing a gorgeous selection of maternity wear from 'Little Bud Maternity' and Sunday revealing more details about our exciting competition, Thank you Nina! Michelle X