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We LOVE Small batch coffee house


We LOVE Small batch coffee house I LOVE coffee... every morning I wake up, look at the time (usually 5.30am), groan a little and then a shimmer of brightness starts to light up my day! I jump out of bed, make Florence a fresh juice and one for myself then boil the kettle and make a lovely EXTRA strong cup of coffee! Charlotte and I have got into a great routine on Friday's, we take the girls to baby ballet then head to Small batch coffee house. 20131122-202117.jpg The girls love it in there, when we arrive and have settled at a table, we order two coffees and two babychinos (which are complimentary - lovely touch)... it is a treat for all of us, the girls take great delight thinking they are drinking the same as us. 20131122-202156.jpg Florence and Sophie are very contented with their drinks and love popping down to the toilet immediately afterwards, its become a bit of a routine! 20131122-202214.jpg The staff are very kind, they let the girls play nicely in a corner. 20131122-202249.jpg This week Charlotte and Sophie were ill so we dragged Daddy along, but he enjoyed it just as much. 20131122-202132.jpg Get down to your nearest Small batch if you are a coffee lover like us!

Daisy x