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Newborn hazy days


Newborn hazy days: I'm completely euphoric, a beautiful baby daughter and a sister for Oliver just as he said throughout my entire pregnancy. I've been thoroughly enjoying my new born haze of cuddles & feeding. I don't care if my little darling wants to cluster feed all night as I get to look at her for a few extra hours, just watching all of her beautiful new expressions, learning her cues and enjoying the sleepy new born pace of life.

20131108-202336.jpg I find that I'm certainly more relaxed this time mainly as I know what to expect, I savoured every moment with Oliver & certainly intend on doing the same this time too...

20131108-202524.jpg The baby stage passes in the blink of an eye so I'm happy to stay in my little hazy new born bubble & savour every precious second, I'm sure we will back to our busy schedule before we know it.

20131108-202539.jpg I'm lucky to have my hubby home for two weeks & we are completely focused on enjoying every moment with our Charlotte & Oliver, discovering our new little rhythm as a family of four. It's nice to enjoy these rainy winters days snuggled in doors all cosy & sleepy with our new baby.

20131108-202305.jpg We have had cuddles in bed, Oliver reads his books to Charlotte whilst I'm feeding & Charlotte has been introduced to Oliver's favourite TV programme Fireman Sam, well if ever there's a time to relax, it's now.

20131108-202503.jpg So for now I'm embracing the PJ's & enjoying every second, so unlike me! Michelle xxx