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Star decoration for your Christmas cake


Star decoration for your Christmas cake: This star icing is simple yet very effective, I won't be icing my cake until the weekend before Christmas and promise to share some pictures. If you decorate your cake in your own style feel free to share the pictures...20131124-222531.jpg Tops a 20cm round cake 'Recipe for Delia's Christmas Cake'

Ingredients 1 heaped tablespoon apricot jam 1 tablespoon Brandy or Armagnac 250g ready-made marzipan icing sugar, to dust 500g ready to roll white icing silver balls, to decorate

Equipment: A set of 3 star cookie cutters A cake board

Method Place the cake on the cake board

Melt the jam with the brandy or Armagnac in a small saucepan, stirring until all the lumps have dissolved.

Now, using a brush, coat the top of the cake quite generously with it. Then take the marzipan and roll it out on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar and cut out a 20cm circle.

Then place this over the top of the cake.

Repeat with the icing and place this over the marzipan. Next, re-roll the trimmings and, using the cutter, cut out the stars, dampen the largest star on one side of with cold water and then place this side on top of the cake. Then repeat with the medium and small stars.

Decorate the edges of the cake and the stars with silver balls, using a little water mixed with a little icing sugar as a glue to keep them in place.

TIP: It’s also helpful to make some little indentations with the tip of a skewer first before placing the silver balls onto the icing.

Happy Decorating & please share your pictures.... Michelle X