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Trendy shoes for a toddler


Trendy shoes for a toddler I am sure most of you like me go into shop after shop looking for lovely, classic shoes which are good for your childs feet but not covered in flashing lights and swirly patterns. It is not that easy I can tell you! My Mum is a chiropodist and throughout my childhood, into my teens and even now gave me lecture after lecture about wearing sensible shoes and looking after your feet. I got recommended a gorgeous little shoe shop Klodhoppers in Hove which has a very lovely selection for both boys and girls. We were greeted by a lovely staff member who made Florence so relaxed she jumped up to have her feet measured... usually I have to chase her around for about 20 minutes!! After a brief conversation about what I wanted she showed me a good selection and here is what we chose...Bobux boots! OUTBACK BOOT BROWN SKU 620806-C Cool & effortless riding boot style suitable for formal and everyday wear. The i-walk range has been designed specifically for a confident walkers foot with a natural shape, flexibility and easy fit. 20131119-194534.jpg These shoes are not cheap... £45! But as I said to my husband, toddler shoes that are good quality are not generally cheaper that £30 but at least they are easy on the eye! 20131119-194624.jpg The leather is really soft, the style means they can be worn with anything, (I especially like them with jeans or a nice dress and tights) and Florence can put them on and take them off herself - Bonus! 20131119-194503.jpg Since buying these shoes I have seen them on several of my friends little ones so they really must stand out from the crowd! You can buy them online...Bobux shoes or at Klodhoppers.

Save yourself the search! Daisy x