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How to Dry Oranges for Christmas Decorations?


How to Dry Oranges for Christmas Decorations?

I absolutely love home-made decorations for Christmas. I searched online last year for the process how to dry out orange slices and here it is... 20131216-204728.jpg Using dried oranges to make decorations for the Christmas holidays is an easy process. Here are the steps to follow: Select fresh oranges that are firm and have good color. Wash the oranges with cold water and dry with clean cloth. Cut oranges into thin slices for faster drying time. Place the orange slices on a baking sheet in a single layer. Turn the oven to 100 deg. F. and place the sheet in the oven. Open the oven door about two inches to allow hot air to circulate around the oranges. Place a small fan in front of the oven, and turn it on. If your oven has its own internal fan, turn it on. Leave the oranges in the oven for 45 hrs. Turn the orange slices over every 4 to 5 mins for even drying. Check the oranges when near the 45-hr. mark. The drying process is done when the oranges are brittle. Turn the fan and the oven off. Remove the baking sheet from the oven, and let the orange slices cool. Place the orange slices into an airtight container until it is ready to be used. 20131216-204739.jpg I like to make holes in the dried orange and string them across the fireplace. Florence really enjoyed helping me so a great activity for toddlers too.

8 days to go...

Daisy x