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A family day out ice skating in Brighton


A family day out ice skating in BrightonJon had a day off and after a crazy week getting the Crabtree ready for Christmas we decided to have a nice family day out. Getting into the Christmas spirit we decided to head into town, do a bit of shopping and take Florence on the ice rink that has been set up in the grounds of the Royal Pavillion. 20131204-205634.jpg After reading the rules we headed over to collect our skates, Florence had cute attachable which were great for little ones. 20131204-205543.jpg Such a great location for an Ice Rink, the Pavillion is a beautiful back drop!! 20131204-205656.jpg Florence was given a penguin to balance with, great idea for slightly older children, Florence still needed help from Jon. 20131204-205613.jpg I think Daddy got a little uncomfortable but Florence loved it and we managed 5 laps before she stepped off the ice and firmly stated that she had enough and would come back later! 20131204-205623.jpg Without having Florence to stabilize Jon (after telling me he had never been ice skating before) whizzed off at high speed....little liar! 20131204-205647.jpg I on the other hand had to hold onto the side for most of my time around, although last lap I managed to go all the way hands free! 20131204-214148.jpg If you are looking for something fun to do over the Christmas period then head down to Brighton Royal Pavillion and get your skates on. 20131204-205552.jpg There is also a gorgeous cafe that you can go and warm up in after you have burnt some energy on the ice. You can book online or from the ticket booth outside.

Have fun Daisy x