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First cinema visit- Muppets Christmas Carol


First cinema visit- Muppets Christmas Carol At what age do you first take a child to the cinema? I can remember being the one casting disapproving looks at children, telling them off and even asking a member of staff to remove them! Oh times have changed, Florence can now scream and I seem to be able to screen the noise... my selective hearing is improving drastically! So when I saw that the Komedia Picture house were showing 'a Muppets Christmas carol', I decided to take a leap and book some tickets (then I realised that I had lost my card so asked my friend to book, later found card in the fridge!!!). Anyway... tickets booked, the day arrives and we are sat in the coffee shop around the corner waiting for the cinema to open. 20131215-132337.jpg The girls enjoy a chocolate covered marshmallow whilst we sink a much needed coffee. 20131215-132349.jpg

The komedia is great for childrens films, as we walk in there are two helpful members of staff ready to take your buggy, give your little one a complimentary bag of sweets, and help find your seats. They also supply booster seats so that everyone can see the film... Loved that idea! 20131215-132421.jpg Florence and Sophie, were very well behaved and found it all very exciting! There are no more showings of this film but they have a couple more other films before Christmas if you would like to go. But if you need any ideas for stocking fillers I highly reccomend Muppets Chrismas carol... it was a winner for these girls! 20131215-132849.jpg Click here for more information on the Komedia, there are lots of fun activities for children!

Daisy x