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My boy is back


My boy is back: I'm delighted to say that 4 weeks on with new little sister Charlotte, my darling Oliver loves mummy again, what a relief.. It's been a long few weeks & a difficult time as Oliver has showered all of his (mummies) affection on Dadda. I remained as strong as possible but I'm still a hormonal new mum & it's hard being knocked of the no.1 pedestal by my hubby.

20131202-222913.jpg Oliver has been extremely clingy with my hubby, he wouldn't let him go to the bathroom without him & if Ben left the room without explaining first it would result in screaming & having a complete melt down. Oliver wouldn't even let me hold his hand walking down the stairs, he just wanted Ben. So we decided to postpone our visitors for the first two weeks and concentrate on settling the family. Oliver was very upset by anyone going near Charlotte (other then Mummy) & he shouted at the midwife saying 'it's not your sister'. The midwife reassured us & said we should be proud that he was being so protective & not worry that Mummy was being ignored.

20131202-222949.jpg We found that Oliver also regressed with the potty training, going from hardly any accidents to lots, but once again we praised the successes and down played the accidents. He was very embarrassed when he did have an accident but luckily his aunties both bought him a Fireman Sam onesie & some pj's so we just encouraged him to put those on if he was refusing to get changed, no matter what time of day, especially if we let him watch it on TV too.

20131202-223005.jpg The first week we stayed at home, finding our feet and the second week we took Oliver back to his regular little groups with the help of Dadda who was still off work and the third week Nanna chauffeured us around. Getting back into our routine was great as Oliver got back some normality & I got some great tips & encouragement from other mummies who have been through the same situation. I try where possible to spend time with Oliver when I'm not breast feeding & give him some focused attention, playing with his favourite toys. He struggles with the fact that I cannot lift him up, he's very tactile with me & I must admit it's probably the worse thing about the C-section but we have been counting down the days until mummy can scoop him up for a big embrace!

20131202-223025.jpg My gorgeous friends and family have helped me make a big fuss of Oliver being a big brother & sent beautiful cards & gifts for him, one friend even made us a gorgeous Christmas count down for us to fill in each day together. We still have a few tears here & there for Dadda but I'm happy to say that Oliver reassured me that we where best mates the other day, allbeit whilst we where sharing a chocolate shortbread, cheeky monkey! Michelle X