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Nursing /feeding pillow


Nursing /feeding pillow: Nothing beats feeding your new born baby, I love taking time out from my usual busy day to have a cuddle & concentrate on Charlotte. Comfort is key, especially during the night feeds & I love my feeding pillow.20131209-204430.jpg I used one with Oliver & it's still pristine (as you can see in the picture below), although I was given this gorgeous new one which goes perfectly with the grey & pink colour scheme I have chosen for the nursery. 20131209-204501.jpg About the Widgey pillow The Widgey breast feeding pillow is a truly versatile baby buy – it's a strong and firm pilow, providing full support for your baby's back during feeding, unlike soft pillows which offer no support to baby's spine. The Widgey breast feeding pillow sits comfortably and securely around your waistline, so you don't need to keep adjusting it for comfort during feeding. 20131209-203450.jpg The Widgey breastfeeding pillow has multiple functions – you can use it while you're pregnant to support your back, or use it at night time to support your knees or bump whilst sleeping on your side. 20131209-204453.jpg As your little one gets older, you can also use the Widgey breastfeeding pillow as a nest, helping your baby learn to sit unaided whilst cushioning them if they do begin to topple over.

Buy one today from John Lewis 20131209-204508.jpg A real must have for new mummies.. Michelle X