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My top five stocking fillers for a toddler girl


My top five stocking fillers for a toddler girl I've gone a bit wild this year, I can remember saying to my sister in law before I had Florence that it was ridiculous the amount of money she spent on her kids at Christmas! Her answer was 'just wait till you have one of your own'. I'm glad I didn't say I would eat my hat because that is exactly what I would be doing right now. Every time is say enough! I buy another present! Anyway here are my top 5.... Of many.

Fairy doorz Florence is obsessed with everything fairy since watching Tinkerbell at my Mums house. So when searching "fairies" on the internet I came across this wonderful idea! You attach the door to the skirting board somewhere in the house, we will put it in the bedroom, and I can't wait to create a magical world for her to broaden her imagination with. Under £10 and perfect gift or a stocking filler. 20131218-204020.jpg

Shopping list Florence will love this. Recently she has been running up to me with a pad and pencil saying "what do you want to buy?" I tell her and she runs off to get it. This Orchard Toys fun matching memory game. Take turns to turn over the cards to be first to fill your trolley with all the items on your shopping list. 20131218-204032.jpg

Joules junior coin purse I hope it is not me that has an inquisitive toddler rummaging through my purse at every opportunity? Florence gets everything out and through desperation I just shove it all back in - this is not great when at the shops! So I have bought her a little purse of her own and this one is pretty cute. £6.95 and under £10 20131218-204041.jpg

Tinkerbell doll I like the idea that Florence has one toy that she plays with all the time, she has about 10 babies (called Charlotte after Michelle's new addition) they all are undressed and grubby so I'm hoping she will love this! It is £12.50 so perfect for any kind of present. 20131218-204051.jpg

Olive pearl bib necklace from Stella and dot. I hosted a Stella and dot party recently and when my friend Steph pulled out this necklace and bracelet Florence grabbed it straight away. It is pretty elaborate for a stocking filler but as this is her first Christmas that she understands I thought this would be a special treat. £29 for the set and she will wear this with her Party dress on Christmas Day. 20131218-204101.jpg

5 days to go! Daisy x