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How to avoid the January 6th blues


How to avoid the January 6th blues So today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year-statistically it's because everyone goes back to work, but I'm sure the end of all the social activities has something to do with it. I for one have been looking forward to a little break! So here are a few ideas to keep you positive... 20140105-204641.jpg Exercise - Any form of exercise is fine, I have been mixing it up a bit with lovely long walks along the beach or getting pumped at the gym. It really makes a difference to my mood so a great thing to do first thing in the morning. 20140105-204718.jpg Watching a funny movie - Personally I love a good Disney or animated film like Shrek, Ice age or Tangled. It is amazing how films like this calm me down instantly and get me back up on my fluffy cloud! Perfect for some chill time with Florence aswell.... So glad she can watch a whole film now. 20140105-204750.jpg Painting - You don't have to be an artist to paint! Florence loves getting the paints out and I you don't like the mess of acrylics then pop to your local craft shop and get some water paints. Literally no mess and you can get stuck in. We really enjoy colouring in-it's actually very therapeutic. The girls especially like painting their nails at the moment! 20140105-204706.jpg Be spontaneous - Do something that you wouldn't normally do. Get out of the routine, see a friend, family member, do an activity... Anything that will make your day more interesting.

Listen to some music - Ok so me and Florence have a dance daily, she loves making moves around the house. We usually listen to my gym music which is really up beat. It certainly makes us smile and laugh a lot. 20140105-204739.jpg Drink - Either peppermint tea or chamomile Eat - Something yummy, new and healthy. 20140105-204727.jpg

Hope this helps your day be a little brighter! Daisy x