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Cardooo cards full of fun!


Cardooo cards full of fun! I got some of these through the post just before Christmas and am very excited to use them. It was only over Christmas that I was thinking that cards are a lovely gesture but actually pretty wasteful. I do try and keep special cards but I have no idea where they end up, I am sure Jon chucks them without telling me. But these are a great idea! A card for every occasion and they are just as exciting as the present. 20140106-202426.jpg Here is the product description:- Tired of boring old cards? So are we. We want cards that have a little bit more. A card with more ‘do’ and a little bit of ‘ooo!’ A card that can be enjoyed for weeks rather than being left on the mantelpiece for days. We want a Cardooo! Cardooos are our own patented design, so when you send one you really are giving something special. They are the size of a standard letter and can be posted anywhere in the UK with a first class stamp.* There’s a card for every occasion and for people of all ages: Activity cards are filled with fun facts, quizzes, puzzles, stickers and exciting comic adventures – they even fold out into a game board complete with props 20140106-202438.jpg Doodle cards bring out the creative side in everyone with drawing, dot-to-dot and colouring in activities. Z-Cards for the younger age. A beautiful pull out scene to decorate with stickers. Puzzle cards give a Get well soon card and help entertain those on the mend with crosswords, sudoku, and colouring activities. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards are personalisable gifts that will be cherished forever. Decorate the card before you send it. Story cards left blank for your own message, be it Happy Birthday, Get Well, Merry Christmas or just Missing you! Christmas short stories ­­contain enchanting short stories – perfect for families to read together. Journey Buddies are mini-books to be enjoyed all year round. Perfect for kids on the go or during rainy days, Journey Buddies have comics, quizzes, activities, game boards and plenty of stickers – as well as a postcard you can design yourself and send to a friend. There are plenty of ways to get involved with Cardooo. Contact us to see how.

To make the occasion extra special, check out the Cardooo website and choose a card that will definitely get a smile!

Daisy x