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A day off at the spa...


A day off at the spa... It is an absolute must to take time out for a cheeky spa day once in a while. I like Michelle recently blogged looked in the mirror and my skin looked grey, my body ached from head to toe, and my hand and toe nails still had remnants of red around the edges from Christmas. So my Mum, sister and I booked ourself into the Alexander House hotel, Florence was left in the very capable hands of Daddy and off we went for a whole day of pure bliss. On arrival we sat down and got our itinerary for the day, enjoying a herbal tea and a complimentary flapjacks. Once all the forms were filled out we got our bikinis and robes on and went our separate ways for our treatments. 20140129-193703.jpg After our first couple of treatments we were scheduled in for lunch and my lovely hubby had pre-arranged a bottle of fizz to be bought over. A lovely surprise on a lovely day! 20140129-193715.jpg After lunch and feeling a tad light-headed I opted for a berry smoothie which was absolutely gorgeous! Perfect whilst having my manicure. 20140129-193727.jpg Mollie and I were not defeated by the rain, we ditched our robes and jumped into the outside jacuzzi. 20140129-193749.jpg The indoor pool is pretty spectacular, perfect for chilling in between treatments. 20140129-193800.jpg With Valentines day and Mothers day coming up it is the perfect present. I do not know anyone who doesn't like a spa day.

From a refreshed and very much less bedraggled

Daisy x