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Florence gets the big chop!


Florence gets the big chop! Over the Christmas period my cousins and I met up for dinner in London and did a secret Santa. The gift I chose was a melting snowman which is a similar texture to blue tac but very shiny. Florence loved playing with it and one day I found a lump of it in her hair. I left it for about 3 weeks thinking it would gradually come out when washing, I put loads of conditioner on but it just seemed to get worse and even started forming a dread lock! 20140116-191954.jpg So I made the brave decision to get her hair cut - into a short bob! Florence has always got so many compliments about her gorgeous thick long hair so this was a hard thing for me. She was born with so much hair and has had at least 7 hair cuts already but nothing quite so drastic. 20140116-192003.jpg

Aimee who is a good friend of mine and also does my hair, was no fuss - no nonsense about it. 20140116-192012.jpg Florence sat perfectly still and it was only when I covered my eyes that she started to get upset. She now has a beautiful bob and actually quite suits it. 20140116-192022.jpg I wish I had Aimee cut it from a pony tail though, reluctant to throw all the hair away I put it in a bag and it was only yesterday a good friend of mine suggested giving to a charity that makes wigs for young cancer patients! Turns out they need it in a ponytail which is understandable, But what a wonderful thing to do, I will definitely try and do this at least once, hoping that Florence's hair grows back nice and thick that is! I found this lovely charity called the 'Little Princess charity' just incase anyone else had to do the same thing.

Daisy x