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Flossie's first homework assignment


Flossie's first homework assignment Ok so 'assignment' is probably a bit of a stong word for this title but Florence took the challenge very seriously so I thought it was fitting! When her nursery gave me the slip for homework I was a bit shocked... I thought it was a bit early to be doing work at home! But on a rainy day with nothing else to do, and my imagination lacking anything creative I was very thankful for the slip of paper that I had shoved to the bottom of my bag. 20140109-120042.jpg I raided the cupboards and all the high places that I hide anything that is messy, put it all on a tray and prepared the workspace for Florence to create her masterpiece. 20140109-115858.jpg After putting a big messy play mat beneath her and popping her apron on I placed the tray on the table along with some paper and watched Florence's imagination run wild with excitement. I don't think she could quite believe that I was letting her have free reign, usually I can't help but get involved... so with a few deep breaths I stepped back and let her get on. 20140109-115944.jpg I watched as she glued pasta to paper and was actually pretty impressed with the ideas that she came up with using all the mixed media I had given her! Obviously takes after her mummy ;) 20140109-120002.jpg It is great to see the different things she has learnt at nursery and see how different people have taught her different things. 20140109-120022.jpg Perfect for a rainy day activity, it looks like we will be having quite a few so I have left everything on the tray all ready for the next time it is needed. Have fun, let go and watch your little artists! It is amazing what they create

Daisy x