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Free activities - Pasta play


Free activities - Pasta play: I've given myself the challenge of finding free activities to do with the children in January, this is made slightly more difficult as the weather is shockingly bad, so it will mainly be in-doors. After a busy morning at a toddler group Oliver woke up a little grumpy & was keen to have a stay at home afternoon. My mother in-law gave me the idea of playing with dried pasta, I think Nanny's have a nack for knowing all of the fun & free games, Thank you Nanny Irene.20140108-210029.jpg I bought some supermarket value pasta just for playing with but you could use anything you have in your store cupboard. I gave Oliver a mixture of different sized cups, a silicone mini muffin tray, a few spoons & a toy saucepan, he happily played for at least 45 minutes, which was great! 20140108-210012.jpg I was able to quickly prepare dinner & then sit with him to concentrate on all of the delicious things he had made for me. It was a great activity as he was chatting to me the whole time, giving me a running commentary of what he was making. 20140108-210040.jpg I hope you enjoy the pictures, we had great fun & even the dog got involved. It's very quick to set-up & easy to clean-up too, if it drops onto the floor it goes in the bin, if it doesn't it goes back into the Tupperware. Happy pasta play.. Michelle X