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Good things in 2014


Good things in 2014 Happy New year everyone! Hope you have all recovered from the indulgences of December, I am now having a really healthy month - The thought of ever drinking again makes me want to jump under my duvet and hide. My Mum very kindly said she would have Florence so that me and Jon could go party... anyway, pretty less than fresh today! Florence and Oliver have done so many amazing things over 2013, it has been lovely to record everything we do in our blog so that we can share and look back at all the fun things we have got up to. 20140101-201851.jpg 2014 is a very exciting year for ABEILLE, we will be launching the first products in our baby range, Oliver and Florence will have lots more milestones to reach, and little baby Charlotte will add a new concept to our blog. Michelle is going to have so much material, I might have to have another baby to keep up! (only joking.... not just yet!) 20140101-201912.jpg Anyway... this year is going to be good! Someone showed me this great idea to save good thoughts. 20140101-201902.jpg This is also a way to keep positive and realise that if you are having a bad day, there is usually something that will put a smile on your face. So with a bit of a fuzzy head... My first positive thought was that I am excited about the year ahead... 20140101-205403.jpg I got a kilner jar, dressed it up with a bow and posted my first message. I am going to put things that Florence has done, Jon can post things also, and even friends and family. 20140101-205412.jpg It will be great if I can remember to post something every day, what I plan to do is take them out at the end of this year, read them and then make a picture by sticking them on a big piece of card and framing it.

It is the small things that make us happy,

Lots of love Daisy x