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Happy Birthday to my lovely Mummy


Happy Birthday to my lovely Mummy Today is my mums Birthday, known to Florence as 'Jaja'. I have learnt over the years to appreciate her more and more, especially since having Florence. I am so lucky and thankful to have her here to help and love the relationship that mum and Florence share. 20140109-114930.jpg I have fond memories growing up (apart from when I hit 14 and turned into a nightmare!!) Mum and Dad were very strict... well mum was, but we were always doing things outside and never short of fun activities. I must be the same age as Florence in the picture below. 20140109-114805.jpg Mum grew up with 5 sisters... I KNOW! Here is a picture of her with her eldest sister Sarah. 20140109-114817.jpg As a family we do lots together, I can only hope that my children want to do the same with me when they are all grown up! 20140109-114830.jpg Mum and Dad have always known how to throw a good party, any excuse! 20140109-114852.jpg Here is a photo of my grandma, mum, Florence and me. 4 generations! I was the first grandchild of the family and Florence was the first great grandchild. 20140109-114904.jpg Florence loves her Jaja so much, mum was not ready to be called a 'Grandma' or a 'Nanny' so she ended up as Jaja and I now cannot imagine her being anything else! 20140109-114916.jpg To another fun filled year, Happy birthday Lots of love

Daisy & Florence x