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Homemade Goop Recipe


Homemade Goop Recipe: The search for free toddler activities in January continues & we are really having fun. I found this homemade Goop recipe on another blog & thought we would give it a try. I had all of the ingredients already at home so I didn't even need to go shopping20140115-221932.jpg Ingredients 1 cup cornflour 1/4 cup glue 1/2 cup water Food colouring (optional) 20140115-220359.jpg Method Measure all of the ingredients into individual pots Put the cornflour into a large bowl Add the glue Add 1/2 of the water 20140115-221940.jpg Add a few drops of food colouring if you want to colour the Goop Using a spoon mix the ingredients You will notice the cornflour & water start blending together, one moment being liquid and the next solid Continue to add water until the mixture comes together but still remains solid. It's great fun & changes from solid to liquid in your hands 20140115-221957.jpg Oliver got involved at every step, in fact he couldn't quite wait for the ingredients to be measured out 20140115-222004.jpg He did pour all of the water into the mixture so ours was probably a bit too thin but it was still great fun I couldn't find my food colouring so we improvised with some glitter We had such a giggle, it was squishy, slimy & good messy fun, we will certainly be trying it again. The washing-up was great fun too.. Michelle X