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Humbled by kindness


Humbled by kindness: This week I was having a mare of a day so decided to take Oliver to the Wimpy for the first time. My dad used to take me when I was small so it was very nostalgic, I remember feeling very special having a glass of milk & a hamburger. Oliver loved his milk & breaded fish goujons & I loved my dairy free burger, naughty! Lottie was asleep & Oliver really enjoyed our 'hot date' we played with his cars & really had a giggle.20140111-225225.jpg I had a few chores to do in town so we ran around afterwards before heading home for Oliver's nap. When we arrived home I was taking off Oliver's shoes when he said "where's Mater & Shark-missile?". My heart sank as I instantly knew we had lost his two favourite cars. Luckily it was closely followed by "Don't worry Mummy, Daddy will buy me new ones". I quickly checked my bag & pockets but already knew they wouldn't be there. I popped Oliver down for his nap & set about calling the shops we had visited & tweeting the local Horsham site & Swan Walk shopping centre. 20140111-225254.jpg Daddy came home a little earlier & whizzed into town to retrace our steps but to no avail. The security staff from Swan Walk had already visited all of the shops & the Horsham Facebook site had shared our picture of Oliver with his cars.

I was humbled by the staff at Swan Walk, taking the time to look for my sons lost toys & the kind offers from complete strangers to give Oliver replacement cars. I have to say it really has restored my faith in human kindness. These people have never met either myself or Oliver but were willing to give us their cars. Daddy replaced Mater that afternoon & Aunty Lisa very kindly bought a new Finn McMissile (which Oliver calls Shark-missile), so happiness has been restored. 20140111-225234.jpg I would however like to thank the very kind people who offered to share their children's toys, it's really made me appreciate how kind complete strangers can be & reminded me that community spirit does still exist, I'm feeling the love! Oliver still tells me every day that the cars are in Horsham, so if you go in please keep an eye out for them... Michelle X