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Is it time to ditch the day time nap


Is it time to ditch the day time nap: Those of you who know me will understand what a big deal this is, the sacred day time nap, my few hours of respite & time for a cheeky 40 winks.20140116-205950.jpg Hubby has just broached 'ditch the nap' after another 5am visit from Oliver into our bed. Over the past week he has started coming in any time after 5am & not going back to sleep. This is fine for me as I have already finished feeding Lottie & fallen back into a deep sleep, waking up to a gorgeous cuddle from my boy at about 7. However hubby is not quite seeing it like that! I suppose I too would be grumpy if I was the one trying to get back to sleep next to a fidgety toddler who just wants to chat. My usually happy go lucky, mild mannered hubby has suddenly transformed into a grumpy, shouting neanderthal... Sorry darling but you really are that bad! 20140116-205958.jpg Up until now I have been in denial about dropping the lunch time nap as I treasure the rest in the afternoon, a cup of tea & a bit of food porn on the telly. But I recognise hubby needs some sleep & perhaps I wouldn't be as tired in the day if the sleep I did get was completely undisturbed. I'm going to trial a reduced nap at an earlier time & hope we see an improvement. I'm SO not ready to ditch the nap but if it doesn't improve, who knows! Fingers crossed we have no early visit from my little man & I get to keep my chill time in the afternoon... Michelle X