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A LONG crazy day with a toddler...


A LONG crazy day with a toddler... I said to Florence this afternoon, whilst she was bouncing on my back slapping my side, "Are you trying to make my day extra exhausting?" and she replied with an excited screech "YES MUMMY!!". 20140126-202503.jpg My day started at 5am, I am quite used to this now as it seems to be her wake up time for most days. My friends suggested putting her to bed later but quite frankly by 7pm I want to sit down with a glass of wine and catch up with Jon. So it's 5am and she is pulling my eyelids up... literally putting her little fingers underneath my eyelids and forcing them open. To add extra pain to my sleepy head she turned the overhead lights on. Good morning Brighton!!! I rolled out of bed and can't resist throwing her up into the air and the sound of her excited giggle temporarily makes me forget about the early hour! Asking what she wants to do - her request is to go downstairs. So we pad down the staircase, turn on the heating... It has got cold! I make a coffee and we put on her favourite film - Peter pan. Florence has a slight obsession with Tinkerbell. She has the crossed arms and pouty lips down to a tee. I receive a message from my BBP Michelle seeing what we wanted to do today and because it is rainy we decided to go to a soft play center in Brighton... for our sins!! Luckily Michelle's amazing husband Ben came too which eased the pain a little - He is fantastic with our ever exhausting toddlers. Aptly worn out we head home and Floss is asleep in seconds, unfortunately this did not last long and was awake again in 25 minutes. So from 12.30pm Florence's games began. 20140126-202453.jpg We worked our way through every single Christmas present/game, we made bread, we played hide and seek, I said 'No Florence put that down/put that back/if you strangle Tooie (the cat) one more time!!!' on repeat about 30 times on repeat! 20140126-202512.jpg When Jon walked through the door at 6pm I collapsed in a heap on the sofa and couldn't string a sentence together. I felt I had to share this day because everyone always says that I make it look easy with Florence... It is not all the time. In fact as we approach her 3rd birthday in June I think I am in for a lot of days like this! 20140126-202522.jpg I am now sitting with a glass of wine, Jon is trying to get me to de-stress and as I keep telling him, tickling my feet is not the way this is going to happen!! Tomorrow is another day and I am going to make it a good one.


Daisy x