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Milk/Dairy Free Diet


Milk/Dairy Free Diet: Charlotte continued to scream in the evenings despite the change in Reflux medication & at her 6 week check had crossed a percentile rather than follow the curve on the chart, so our consultant referred us to a Gastroenterology & Nutrition specialist.

20140103-213221.jpg We where lucky to get an appointment on Christmas Eve, the specialist examined Charlotte & when he lay her flat on the bed both Ben & I felt very anxious after keeping her upright for the past 6 weeks, but it was just to see Charlottes reaction & to confirm the reflux diagnosis, which it did. The paediatrician said that the next step as Charlotte was breastfed, is to look at my diet & because my brother had a dairy allergy it was quite likely that Charlotte could too. A dietitian joined us during the consultation & gave me a booklet regarding the recommended changes. I was 100% committed to starting straight away, even though it was Christmas Eve! The dietitian said that I would see the difference within 48hrs & that we did, 7.00 arrived Boxing Day & Charlotte did not cry... We where skeptical initially but a week later I'm pleased to say Charlotte has been much better.

20140103-213210.jpg We did try not giving Charlotte her reflux medication but this was a mistake & we quickly gave it to her again. Charlotte does still get uncomfortable & sometimes cry but I have to say the HOURS of screaming in pain have gone & for that I am very grateful to the doctors who suggested the diet change.

You really would be surprised to know that every day items such as bread, some ham & flavoured crisps contain milk so you really do have to study the packaging, but the great thing about the booklet I was given is that it highlights the items you CAN have as well as the items you can't. I'll keep you updated with regards to the diet changes & let you know how we get on...Michelle X